+ 61 2 6273 1114
Important Notice:

"Due to some impending technical mail server issues we are currently facing problems in receiving and sending replies to the queries. We are trying to solve this issue. Meanwhile we request you to be patient and please mention your telephone number so that we can contact to you in case of your urgent enquiry."

Please Note:

National ID CARD (CNIC/NICOP) applicants are directed to apply online on website http://id.nadra.gov.pk OR by visiting NADRA website www.nadra.gov.pk. 
Pakistan High Commission Canberra shall not receive/process NICOP applications from 15th Sep 2015.

For Telephonic Inquiry for High Commission, Canberra,

Please call +61 2 62731114 


+61 2 9222 1806 ( Please. note that this number is for consular service in Sydney only ,

This phone is attended only between 09.00-10.00 am and 2-3 pm).

For Emergency During Public/Pakistan Holidays ,

Please call +61 2 62731114  Pakistan High Commission
OR Sydney; all genuine emergencies would be promptly attended to.

For Feedback/Complaints, Please email us at:
hoc@pakistan.org.au    and    cg@pakistan.org.au

Please note that due to extreme workload, telephone calls for the NICOP/POC are being suspended for the time being.

Important Notice/Reminder

As per the deadline given by ICAO, issuance of manual passports from Pakistan Mission abroad is being discontinued by November 2015. Therefore, all manual passport holders may be advised to obtain Machine Readable Passport (MRP) in lieu of manual passports from Pakistan Mission abroad as well as Regional Passport Offices concerned in Pakistan.