Meeting of the High Commissioner for Pakistan, Mr. Babar Amin with the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament, the Hon Tony Smith MP

High Commissioner, Mr. Babar Amin met with the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament, the Hon Tony Smith MP, in his office, today.

The High Commissioner expressed satisfaction at the longstanding friendly relations between Australia and Pakistan. He said that Pakistan would like to further strengthen parliamentary relations with Australia.

The High Commissioner informed the Speaker that following the General Elections in Pakistan, a new Pakistan-Australia parliamentary friendship group is being formed in the National Assembly of Pakistan. Moreover, the Pakistan-Australia Friendship Group has already been formed in the Senate of Pakistan. He stressed on the need to enhance exchange of bilateral Parliamentary visits between both sides. While agreeing to the need of greater interaction, the Speaker indicated that the earliest such visits could take place would be after the Australian parliamentary elections next year.

The High Commissioner briefed the Speaker about the OHCHR’s report on human right’s violations in Kashmir. He expressed the hope that Australia and Pakistan, being members of the Human Rights Council, would work together to support the recommendations contained in the report, most importantly, to form an Independent Commission of Inquiry on human rights violations in Kashmir. The Speaker while thanking for apprising him about the situation stated that the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be looking into the matter.

The High Commissioner highlighted the contribution of the Pakistani diaspora in the socio-economic and political environment in Australia. The Speaker appreciated the constructive role played by the dynamic Pakistani Community in various spheres. The High Commissioner also drew attention of the Speaker towards consular matters of Pakistani community in Australia.

While referring to the marked improvement in the security situation in Pakistan, the High Commissioner called for the Australian cricket team to visit Pakistan for a series. The Speaker while lauding the enormous cricket talent in Pakistan expressed the hope that the Australian cricket team would visit Pakistan in future.



23 October 2018



Meeting of the High Commissioner for Pakistan Mr. Babar Amin with Ms. Jenny Bloomfield, State Director, DFAT State Office Victoria, Melbourne

High Commissioner Babar Amin met with Ms. Jenny Bloomfield, State Director, DFAT State Office Victoria, Melbourne, today.

During the meeting, High Commissioner discussed with his interlocutor, Pakistan-Australia relations, potential for cooperation at the province-state level and consular matters.

High Commissioner highlighted trade and investment opportunities Pakistan presented and encouraged Australian businesses to make use of various incentives offered by the government of Pakistan. He stated that there was significant scope of cooperation between Pakistan provinces and Victoria in the fields of education, science and technology, and tourism. He stressed the importance of institutional linkages in this regard. High Commissioner underscored the contribution of Pakistani diaspora to the multiculturalism and economic development of Australia.

Ambassador Bloomfield while welcoming High Commissioner to Melbourne, stated that Australia attached great importance to its relations with Pakistan. She also welcomed the opening of Pakistan’s Consulate General in Melbourne and offered her office’s full support in facilitating its working.



8 October 2018




Meeting of High Commissioner for Pakistan, Mr. Babar Amin with the President of the Australian Senate, the Hon. Scott Ryan

The High Commissioner for Pakistan, Mr. Babar Amin met with the President of the Australian Senate, the Hon. Scott Ryan to discuss parliamentary cooperation between the two countries.

The High Commissioner briefed the President of the Senate on the recently held successful general elections in Pakistan.  He highlighted the Government’s developmental and foreign policy priorities including to strengthen parliamentary cooperation with friendly countries. The High Commissioner informed the President of the formulation of Pakistan-Australia Friendship Group in the Senate of Pakistan and recommended strengthening the mechanism for regular interaction between Senates of the two countries to enhance understanding and cooperation.

The High Commissioner reiterated the invitation by the Chairman, Senate of Pakistan, to the President of Australian Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives to participate in the Meeting of Asian Parliamentary Assembly(APA)’ Standing Committee on Political Affairs in Gwadar on 29-31 October 2018.

The President of the Australian Senate expressed the desire to strengthen Parliamentary relations with Pakistan.  He lauded the constitution of Australia-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group in the Senate of Pakistan. The President also called for a greater interaction between the two Parliaments including at the multilateral parliamentary forums. He informed that the invitation to attend the APA meeting in Pakistan was under consideration and would be responded in due course.

He appreciated the idea of assistance in legislative capacity building and assured to have it looked into for possibilities.


25 September 2018



Meeting of High Commissioner for Pakistan with the Australian Minister for Home Affairs

The High Commissioner for Pakistan, Mr. Babar Amin met with the Australian Home Affairs Minister Mr. Peter Dutton to discuss bilateral cooperation on issues related to Security, Border Management and Combating Transnational Crime.

The High Commissioner conveyed desire of the Government of Pakistan to further strengthen cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and the Department of Home Affairs of Australia.  Appreciating the strong security cooperation between the two countries under the Joint Working Group on Border Management and Transnational Crime, the High Commissioner stated that Pakistan looked forward to its next meeting in Canberra. He also raised the consular matters pertaining to the Pakistanis in Australia and visa difficulties faced to Pakistani students and businessmen.

The Minster for Home Affairs stated that Australia attached great significance to its relations with Pakistan including in the areas of combating transnational crime and border management.  He expressed the desire to further strengthen pragmatic cooperation particularly under the domains of security, counter terrorism and combating sophisticated crimes.  The Minister also assured to look into the delays in visas to the Pakistani students and businessmen.


24 September 2018




Colour of Pakistan Mela

High Commission for Pakistan

Press Release

Subject: Colours of Pakistan Mela

The Colours of Pakistan Mela was held to celebrate the festivities of Eid ul Fitr at the High Commission for Pakistan in Australia.

Various art work, handicrafts and artefacts from different regions of Pakistan were showcased to a packed capacity venue comprising Australian government senior officials, diplomats, journalists, people from academia, students and prominent community members. The diverse and rich cultural heritage of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan and Kashmir were exhibited through short films, dances, culinary items and sports goods. Visitors of all ages enthusiastically took photographs with Pakistani artefacts and other articles on display. Long queues of female visitors also availed themselves of the free henna (mehndi/ henna tattooing) offered at the Mela. The captivating performances illustrating myriad facets of Pakistani culture enthralled the audience. The students of different universities in Australia took keen interest in various segments and actively participated in various activities.

Welcoming the guests, the Acting High Commissioner, Dr. Muhammad Khalid Ejaz highlighted Pakistan’s rich history and culture. He underscored the important role played by the cameleers in Australia, most of whom had come from the areas which are now part of Pakistan in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He lauded the services of the Pakistani community and students in fostering Pakistan-Australia relations.

Mr. Craig Robertson, CEO, TAFE Directors Australia and Ms Nina, a businesswoman from Melbourne also spoke about their experiences during their visits to Pakistan and appreciated the hospitality and love of the people with whom they interacted. The event was a great success and greatly contributed towards presenting cultural heritage of Pakistan. The guests were served with Pakistani cuisine and sweets.

Canberra, Australia
19 June 2018