Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Government has taken several health and safety measures including social distancing and restrictions. The High Commission for Pakistan in Canberra has also accordingly decided with immediate effect and until further notice to restrict consular services at its premises to the minimum most essential only. The respectable community members are advised to utilize online services for passport and visa on following links:

1. Machine Readable Passport –
2. Online Visa                       

Required documents for other services such as Licence verification, Child Birth Registration, Renunciation, Police Certificate etc., may be sent to the High Commissioner along with self-addressed postage paid envelops and fees as mentioned at the High Commission’s website. Execution of Power of Attorney (POA) requires mandatory physical presence at the High Commission. The Community members are, however, requested to avoid execution of POAs that could be postponed for the moment.

In case of an unavoidable emergency, for issuance of passport or certain consular services required at the High Commission’s premises, the applicants are requested to seek prior appointment by sending email at , without which, it would not be possible to entertain. It is, however, still essential that those seeking consular service on the premises should not be undergoing mandatory quarantine or be suffering from flu, fever or have any symptoms of COVID-19.

In case of problems faced in online services the same may be brought to the attention of the High Commission at email

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you for consular services at the High Commission once the situation is better and the Australian Government removes various restrictions and social distancing requirement.