We are making efforts to arrange another repatriation flight by PIA to evacuate stranded Pakistanis from Australia. Stranded Pakistanis who wish to be repatriated to Pakistan may register themselves on the following link:
The following may please be noted while registering:
• A fresh request must be registered on the above link. All requests received prior to this announcement will not be considered.
• The Government of Pakistan has prescribed the selection criteria for stranded Pakistanis which will be followed in firming up list of evacuees. These include Pakistanis on visit/tourist visas, those stranded at foreign airports, labor laid off/suspended by host country, prisoners, zaireens, bereaved due to death of immediate family member (one family member will be prioritized to accompany a dead body on every passenger flight), Government Servants on official visits, visa expiration, time bound visas, and, Pakistanis present in locations from where special flights to Pakistan may originate.
*Please Note:
Dual Pakistani/Australian nationals and PR holders may note that prior permission of the Australian Government is mandatory to travel abroad and the same applies to return to Australia.
Australian Government has imposed restrictions on entry/re-entry of certain categories of temporary visa holders. Details may be checked with the Australian Immigration Department. Those currently in Australia on such visas may not be able to re-enter after leaving the country until these travel restrictions placed due to the COVID-19 are removed.