Difficulty Face by Pakistani Community During Online Processing CNIC/NICOP

On demand of Pakistani community in Australia, this High Commission raised the issue of difficulty faced by Pakistanis during submission of online application for CNIC/NICOP, through NADRA portal. Now the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has clarified that following factors contribute towards the fingerprints rejections: –

a) Applicant’s physical fingerprints are difficult to capture due to old age etc.

b) Applicant is scanning fingerprints form at an unacceptable resolution.

c) Fingerprints contain lots of smudges/has lots of ink and system cannot identify ridges/lines properly.

d) Fingerprints contain very little details/lack of ink.

NADRA has further advised to resolve the issue of fingerprints rejection, applicants are required to follow “Fingerprint Capturing & Uploading Guidelines” given at the following link.


All individuals applying for CNIC/NICOP online are advised to carefully go through the “Fingerprint Capturing & Uploading Guidelines” to avoid rejection of fingerprints & inconvenience in this regard.